Best Time to visit Grand Canyon

The best times to visit  Grand Canyon square measure March through might and September through November once daytime temperatures begin to chill and therefore the crowds begin to skinny. If you opt to go to throughout the summer (the park's peak season), be ready for hordes of tourists and really restricted lodging handiness. you can  realize deals on hotels throughout the winter, however a lot of of the park (including the complete North Rim) closes when the primary snow.

Best time to visit Grand Canyon in March-May


This is one among the most effective best time to visit Grand Canyon. Temperatures square measure on the increase, and therefore the throngs of summer tourists have however to arrive. However, detain mind that some areas of the park -- specifically the North Rim -- should be out-of-bounds because of lasting snow. Also, the canyon's differing altitudes create it troublesome to remain prior the weather. though highs tend to vary between the low 50s and around seventy degrees physicist, temperatures will fluctuate drastically. Pack many layers.

Best time to visit Grand Canyon in June-August


Summer is season, and it is easy to envision why. From mid-May to period of time, the park sees long, sunny days with temperatures hovering anyplace between forty and eighty five degrees. However, ravine breezes will disguise the sun's rays, creating it troublesome to inform if you are obtaining burned. check that to pack a hat and many of ointment. Temperatures also can vary throughout the park: Areas close to the Colorado stream tend to be hotter, whereas the North Rim will get quite chilly. serious rainstorms square measure common throughout July, however they never last long. this can be conjointly the time once all the park's facilities -- on each the South and North Rim -- square measure open for business. If you propose on staying within the park, book well earlier since rooms and campgrounds tend to refill quickly. If you wish to beat the crowds, aim to hit the paths by ten a.m. at the newest.

Key Events :

  •     Grand Canyon Star Party (June)
  •     4th of July at the Grand Canyon (July)
  •     Grand Canyon Music competition (August-September)

Best time to visit Grand Canyon in September-November


Autumn marks another sweet spot for Grand Canyon business enterprise. With the youngsters back at school and fogeys back to figure, there square measure way fewer tourists competitive  for edifice rooms and path territory. Temperatures around now vary from the middle 20s to middle 70s, thus check that to pack some heat garments. Also, you will find that additional facilities and trails square measure open around September and Oct, however once snow begins to fall, you can forecast several areas (particularly the North Rim) to be out of commission.

Key Events:

•    Grand Canyon Celebration of Art (September-November)
•    Grand Canyon Marathon (November)

Best time to visit Grand Canyon in December-February


This is out and away the foremost peaceful season at the Grand Canyon, thus if you are looking for a relaxed, quiet visit, this can be the time to travel. However, prepare yourself for frosty temperatures travel anyplace from the middle 40s to the high teens. as a result of it will see upward of two hundred inches of snow every winter, the North Rim are closed to guests, however several of the South Rim trails stay open. simply take care to pack heat garments and waterproof shoes.


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